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So what's the most reliable site currently? [09 Sep 2017|11:14am]
Hello all. I used to smoke clove cigarettes years ago and wanted to buy some for a trip I'll be taking in February. It looks like there have been several sites up and down since this law was passed, and I was wondering if anyone currently has a reliable source. I'm in Ohio in case it matters. Also, I see a couple of sellers in the US on Ebay. Are these legal? Thanks in adance :)
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Update on CiggiesWorld.ch [29 Aug 2017|05:55pm]
I just received this email following up on my successfully fulfilled order from CiggiesWorld.ch...

The next time you order, you may not see USA in the country list. We are fixing this error at the moment.

So please choose United States Minor Outlying Island as country when you checkout. Please don't worry as we will still deliver to your mainland USA address.

It is not possible to ship tobacco packages to your country using air transportation any longer.

The only way to ship to your country is via Sea Mail. However, they are notoriously slow and will around 2-3 months to deliver. Sea Mail is very affordable. The shipping cost of 6 cartons is only $25.

Since the delivery will take around 3 months, I highly recommend ordering at least 5 cartons and please order ASAP to minimize down time.

You can contact me at sales@CiggiesWorld.ch if you have any questions.
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Oops [29 Aug 2017|12:59pm]
Oops -- The URL in my subject line is not visible... Order was placed with www.ciggiesworld.ch
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www.ciggiesworld.ch [29 Aug 2017|12:50pm]
I placed a modest order of Sampoernas (to minimize the risk) on July 28 and just received it yesterday August 29. Okay, it took a month but for now they are tried and true. Once it arrived in the US I even received a USPS tracking number and they followed up today to check that I am a happy customer.
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Do not purchase from indonesiadjarumblack [27 Aug 2017|05:12pm]

The site is a new one set up by a guy named Derwin - there's a huge thread about him dated early June.

Long story short is that Derwin used to run clovecigarettesonline before things went south with him with US customs, thus resulting in hundreds of his orders being stopped and returned to him.

The problem started in April but he kept accepting orders all the way up till June when so many people had been burned by him that he was finally forced to shut down for good.

The idiot gave himself away by keeping his old email and using it on the new site.

Anyway, Derwin is a thief and a liar who happily accepted payments for smokes he knew would eventually be returned to him by customs - do not purchase from him!

Make sure to respond to and link to this thread as much as you can so others can see it if they're smart enough to Google indonesiadjarumblack before doing business with the site.
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So how is Moneygram still in business? [20 Aug 2017|04:09pm]

My clove supplier went out of business so had to get a new one and this one only used Moneygram - sigh, fine.

I set up an account with them online and when it came time to pay I had the choice of direct payment from my bank account for $5 or use a credit/debit card for $10 - obviously I chose the bank account.

When I tried paying though it wouldn't go through - after calling and being jerked around for a bit by their worthless India based CS team I was finally referred to a third party check clearing company they use.

Contact those people and discover that they are morons - despite the fact that my bank account is nearly twenty years old, has had no problems, is autopaying numerous bills and had about four or five times more cash in it than needed for the transaction they felt that there was insufficient history to approve a direct debit,

So how do I create history with them?

They don't know, but if I felt like calling back again in two weeks they'd be happy to waste another hour of my time.

Being well past the value of the cost of using a credit/debit card I elected to go that route instead - payment went through and all was good, or so I thought - here's where Moneygram got weird on me.

My smokes arrived without issue so I placed a new order and then attempted to log into my Moneygram account to pay - cannot log in, please call them.

Based off of previous experience with them this didn't surprise me so called them up and was eventually informed by a rather apathetic person from India that Moneygram "didn't like my last transaction so they suspended my account for life."


Played the "let me speak to someone who knows what the hell they're doing" game for a bit and as I was bounced about I kept getting the same answer, although one representative helpfully offered that Moneygram is kewl with sending money to the communist dictatorship of China if I'd like to send money there instead.

Everyone was also pretty consistent in claiming that there's no appeal process and that they felt it made perfect sense to perma-ban me from doing online transactions rather than simply block me from sending money to Indonesia or that individual instead.

Since sending the money via their stores was still an option I popped around the corner to CVS and presto, money sent!

I was curious to see if my situation was unique - it wasn't - Moneygram is flooded with the exact same stories.

Looking at one website that had around five hundred reviews, they were all negative, giving it a one star rating and it was the same horror story over and over again - someone in Moneygram's security department randomly decided that "they didn't trust the receiver" and the sender was perma-banned, sometimes after one transaction, sometimes after years of transactions.

It was all just as asinine too, with numerous people noting that they were informed that the country they were sending the money to wasn't listed as a reliable country even though they were sending money inside the US from one state to another, usually parents sending money to kids in college.

Monegram also apparently puts random and arbitrary limits on how much can be sent and received, but calling India never reveals what exactly the limit is - I can send my son $400 this month and then be informed next month that $200 exceeds the limit I can send him.

Crappy, apathetic and even flat out rude customer service is also the norm for Moneygram with not a single review noting them being polite or helpful - pulling teeth is the normal description.

All said, I'm amazed that they're still in business operating like that.

As such, while Western Union is no prize itself, compared to Moneygram they're an A+ company.
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Been Looking Around... [21 Jul 2017|05:04am]


Hey everyone, i've been checking back on this site daily in hopes that someone has found a legit seller.

I feel for anyone who got stuck in the ruckus with Derwin. I'm just glad i never made my last order with him.

So any leads or any news on getting our "coffee"???

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If you lost money to Derwin you might be able to get a refund [26 Jun 2017|12:05am]

OK, have had a couple of people not realize/remember that they can get a refund when using Paypal - you can for stuff other than eBay.

Have the last four digits of your bank account attached to Paypal handy, the date of the payment and amount.

Go to the Paypal page and call their help number.

The voice tree isn't user friendly but eventually you'll be able to say "dispute a claim" and that will get you on the path to requesting a refund.

I don't know if it was just me or if it's all non-eBay issues but it had a robot set up my dispute rather than putting me through to an operator.

Now some important things to remember.

One - don't mention cigarettes at all - your Paypal purchase shows coffee (click on the purchase and it will show what you ordered) so anyone at Paypal asks for details you say "coffee."

Why so much? I get it for my office - my friends and I combine our orders and they pay me back - my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever and I each drink three cups a day. Only thing that matters about the excuse is that you'll remember it.

If they mention that he sells cigarettes just play dumb - call it a nasty habit, note you buy your cigarettes at the local Indian reservation - whatever. I never dealt with a human but everything is different.

Once you've submitted your claim you'll need to go to their website the next day and click on the claim link in order to escalate it, otherwise it will sit there and do nothing.

Once it's been escalated it will allow you to write out your complaint - package never arrived from seller, emailed seller several times and seller not responding.

Don't go into customs confiscating and returning and all that nonsense - keep it short and simple - only give extra info if they ask for it - otherwise stay vague.

Paypal will give Derwin around two weeks to respond - he ignored their emails just like he's been ignoring ours so just keep your fingers crossed, head down and stay quiet while you wait.

I didn't have to do anything else other than wait after that - the deadline for Derwin to respond to Paypal with me was 6/24 and when I checked my account next day around noon EST I had my refund.

So anyone who hasn't submitted a refund request, follow these instructions and you've got a shot at getting your money back.

Maybe you can afford to throw away $135 - I can't - besides, it's free to try.
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CiggiesWorld - prices are stupid insane??? O_o [15 Jun 2017|12:11am]

So went over th CiggiesWorld as everyone one Google is giving it great reviews and put together my normal four carton order of Djarum 76s - Subtotal: $145.60.

OK, reasonable - then I get to checkout and see the only two shipping options.

SEA MAIL - Package Will Take 3 Months To Arrive! We recommend ordering in big quantity as SeaMail cost only $25 for up-to 5 cartons. - $25

International AirMail (15-35 Days) - $75.00

Are you freaking kidding me????

And I thought the Indonesians were a bunch of cheats.

15-35 days to send something by airmail - what the hell are they using, carrier pigeons???

The sad part is that even with that much price gouging it's still cheaper than the Camel Silvers the wife smokes when we're out of cloves but damn, that's some sticker shock. >_
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Clove confiscation emergency solution [14 Jun 2017|01:08am]

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Previously, whenever customs would get on a clove confiscation kick it would only last a week or two but from what I've been seeing on this and other forums the illegal confiscation of our cloves has been going on for at least a solid month now.

As such, as silly and low odds of success as this sounds, our only hope is to try to get hold of President Trump and our Republican representatives to try to get this stopped. You can try writing Democrat representatives but recall that the Democrats are the ones who have lead the way on smoking bans, so don't hold your breath with them.

Here's the letter I just submitted to the White House website - I chose the option for help with a federal agency.

You can copy it or write your own version - just make sure to emphasize that importing for personal use is legal and thus what customs is doing is illegal. Also make sure to request that not only is customs stopped but that all confiscated packages are released, although I'm sure anyone whose smokes weren't stopped within the past week is probably screwed.

I included my tracking number and the USPS tracking website status of my package so make sure to change that part of the letter to match your own info if you intend to copy and paste it.

Good luck to us!

The San Fransisco custom office has gone rouge and we desperately need your help.

In early May the San Fransisco customs office unilaterally decided to start confiscating private, not for resale, shipments of clove cigarettes coming from Indonesia.

While the FDA's illegal flavored cigarette ban under Obama did ban the sale of clove cigarettes inside the US it did not ban US citizens purchasing clove cigarettes outside the country and importing them for personal use.

To make matters worse, customs is refusing to acknowledge that they are doing this and are simply leaving the tracking status of the packages looking like this -

May 15, 2017, 4:28 pm Processed Through Facility ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)

Here is my tracking number for a reference - Tracking Number: RR

The San Francisco customs center has illegally confiscated untold tens of thousands of dollars of legal imports from thousands of law abiding US citizens due to someone at that center unilaterally deciding that he/she doesn't wish for Americans to purchase clove cigarettes for personal use.

To make matters worse, very few of the victims of this abuse by customs will be able to reclaim their losses as most clove sellers in Indonesia use money transfers for their sales and all of them are refusing to provide refunds for the orders which customs has illegally detained.

As such, this is an emergency and an order needs to be sent to them immediately to stop confiscating/turning back packages containing clove cigarettes from Indonesia as well as ordering them to release all packages to their delivery address which are currently being illegally held by customs.

Finally, for those of us whose packages can not be sent to us, customs needs to make an effort to compensate us for the losses caused by their illegal actions.

Please respond and act as quickly as possible since every day that action is delayed is another day that San Fransisco customs is illegally confiscating legal packages of legal products.

Thank you
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How to stretch your unfiltered clove cigarettes [12 Jun 2017|11:11pm]

This idea was born out of desperation about half a decade ago when my supply was running short and my shipment was running long.

Long story short is save the butts of your unfiltered clove cigarettes in some sort of airtight container so that you can roll second generation cigarettes with them later on.

To do so, set up a small trashcan or a paper bag and then using your thumb and forefinger, roll the burnt tip back and forth a few times to crush out the 'charcoal' on the tip.

Next, rip the paper off the butt - I recommend doing this over a separate container.

When doing this, pour a small portion of butts onto the lid of the loose tobacco container and then reseal the butt container so as to keep them from drying out - it happens fast and easy.

When ripping, don't get ambitious and decide to spend the afternoon turning four cartons worth of butts into loose tobacco either as that does make it dry out faster too.

Your personal tastes will vary, but personally, I don't mind if the tobacco dries out (can't be fussy when your shipment is still a week away), but I do prefer it to be softer and fresher when possible.

Once the tobacco has been freed from the paper use your fingers to grind and break it up - if the tobacco is dry try to avoid grinding it into dust.

Now you've got loose clove tobacco - how you roll it is your call.

If you want to have fun and have the skill, try making a clove 'blunt' by splitting a cheap cigar and then filling it with the clove tobacco for a cigar sized clove. ;-)

If rolling cigarette-sized cloves an Altoids tin is perfect for carrying them around in, holding ten to twelve depending on how thick you roll them.

Word of warning - if you roll them freehand like I do, be careful about where you smoke them or you may end up spending a few hours speaking with the local authorities and waiting for a K9 unit to show up to confirm that there's just clove tobacco in them.

Mind you, this isn't going to be for everyone as they're a bit stronger than regular cloves - my wife can't take smoking them - but if you can then depending on how far you smoke your unfiltered cloves down, you effectively stretch your clove supply by 20-30%.

For anyone wondering about smoking the second generation tobacco from a pipe - I could never get the hang of pipes, always had to relight every other puff so I've never tried it.
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Anyone else having problems with Derwin or customs? [09 Jun 2017|07:04pm]

Placed an order in early May, it hit CA back on 5/15 and has been stranded ever since - just showing as Processed Through Facility ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS).

Called the post office and they claim customs has it, wrote to customs and they claim post office has it so finally contacted Derwin back on 5/26 about it.

He said wait a week and if no movement then he'll reship.

So I waited a week and emailed him for a reship - nothing.

I've sent several emails over the last few days and he's ignoring me.

Anyone else having problems with him or customs?
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Trying to get back in the game. [09 Jun 2016|03:15pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, it's been a while since I've tried to order online (I guess cassen closed up shop) and I'm looking to see if there are any suppliers out there that are on par with how cassen used to be? I decided to look on here but most of the posts are at least 6 months old and I wanna see what's out there before I start trying to dump money on every scam artist in Jakarta lol. Any help would be appreciated.

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Freddy's customer service - looking for new supplier [29 Oct 2015|04:12pm]

So customs once again unilaterally decided to block my smokes and according to Freddy at Indonesia Clove Cigarettes I wasn't the only one - he claims that 20+ shipments were rejected and sent back.

He's decided that's not his problem and if I want the smokes resent I'll have to pay him an additional $60 to do so.

To call that poor customer service on his part is an understatement - we all know that four cartons of smokes don't cost $60 to ship, especially seeing as how he uses the cheapest, slowest postal option out there.

As such, seriously looking into getting a new supplier - I smoke the Djarum unfiltered 76s.
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Freddy Risamena from indonesiacigarettes[dot]com [16 May 2015|12:44am]
I placed an order with Freddy at indonesiacigarettes[dot]com on April 30, 2015.

1 case Gudang Garam International Tin Canned (500 pcs)

1 carton Nikki Super 12 (120 pcs)

1 carton Djarum Mr. Brown 12 (120 pcs)

He said that the order was too large to send in one package,
the order had to be shipped in two separate parcels.
That's understandable, considering that the GG Int'l Tin Can are sold in can holding 50 pieces each. Ten cans to a case. The case itself is about the same length and width of 3 six-packs of Pepsi lined side-by-side. I received the first part of my order [1 case Gudang Garam International Tin Canned] on May 13, 2015. Using the tracking info, I've learned that the second part [Nikki Super 12 & Djarum Mr. Brown 12] arrived at my local post office this evening. Today's Friday so I guess it'll be at my doorstep on Monday.
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Clove Cigarettes From Indonesia: where to get them in 2015 [15 May 2015|09:04pm]
Greetings, my fellow clove addicts..
I had my first clove cigarette in 1984… Djarum. Hey, anyone remember when both Djarum Special and Djarum Super were package in flat metal tin cans? When put in a bind, caught without any cloves on hand, I’ll get a pack of non menthol cigs ie. Marlboro / Winston. Other than that I’m strictly a kretek smoker since 2002. I have been ordering clove cigarettes (kreteks) via websites based in Indonesia since 2007. It’s a bit ironic how the US ban on clove cigarettes have put me in a position to get my beloved kreteks at lower prices. [direct from Indonesia] The companies I’ve dealt with are www.cheapclovecigarettes.com, www.mykretek.com, www.indonesiacigarettes.com and www.clovecigarettesonline.com. All are currently up and running. I have always received my orders; as advertised, fresh and intact. I might have initially started buying from a particular site, but decided to try out others that carried more variety. I like to keep at least a 3-4 week (avg. shipping time) supply of cloves on hand, because it’s not as if I can buy a pack of Djarum Black or Gudang Garam Surya at the local store.

The website that I have most experience with is www.clovecigarettesonline.com. The site is ran by a fellow named Derwin. This guy Derwin is the man! He’ll take care of you. Prompt email correspondence, tracking numbers provided. Never a problem with quality of goods or payments. Deliveries arrive on time, with the exception of an occasional mix-up at US Customs. Pleasantly surprising, sometimes I get my packages from www.clovecigarettesonline.com like super-fast… Placed an order on Apr 16, 2015, received Apr 23, 2015. The timing on my next order wasn’t bad either: placed order on Apr 23, 2015, received May 3, 2015. With all costs considered, they have best prices around. Suffer no more, go and get your cloves!!
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[05 Mar 2015|07:40am]
Hi i'm john,  i've been selling now for about 3 years.   I have way too many cartons of blacks and browns right now.
These are the  real thing from indonesia.

Djarum Blacks and Supers
I do have a couple of cartons of Supers and i always have blacks.

I sell for $80 a carton (via paypal) + 6 shipping, this includes USPS priority mail with a tracking number.

I have blacks  80  a carton. if you want more than one carton, contact me and i'll give you a discount.

I can do $46 for half a carton.  5 packs

you can email me with any questions tikijohn@gmail.com
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Djarum Cherry and Djarum Vanilla [21 Feb 2015|08:54am]
Hey guys just got some djarum cherry and Vanilla in not the black cigars these are the cigarettes anyway located in the USA selling a pack for 6 usd plus shipping which I would think would be around 1 to 3 usd ask for pics and I will send them 10 cigs to a pack 10 packs to a carton.
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