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Trying to get back in the game. [09 Jun 2016|03:15pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, it's been a while since I've tried to order online (I guess cassen closed up shop) and I'm looking to see if there are any suppliers out there that are on par with how cassen used to be? I decided to look on here but most of the posts are at least 6 months old and I wanna see what's out there before I start trying to dump money on every scam artist in Jakarta lol. Any help would be appreciated.

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Bali Hai and Splash [27 Feb 2016|05:12am]

Just the usual reminder, still able to get the original Bali Hai and Splash cigarettes, not cigars. Been getting these for the past 3 years for people from this community and haven't yet had a complaint!

$85 a carton of 120 cigarettes, and they're delicious.
Payment through PayPal, shipping through EMS, email me at dabbtt at gmail dot com
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Freddy's customer service - looking for new supplier [29 Oct 2015|04:12pm]

So customs once again unilaterally decided to block my smokes and according to Freddy at Indonesia Clove Cigarettes I wasn't the only one - he claims that 20+ shipments were rejected and sent back.

He's decided that's not his problem and if I want the smokes resent I'll have to pay him an additional $60 to do so.

To call that poor customer service on his part is an understatement - we all know that four cartons of smokes don't cost $60 to ship, especially seeing as how he uses the cheapest, slowest postal option out there.

As such, seriously looking into getting a new supplier - I smoke the Djarum unfiltered 76s.
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Freddy Risamena from indonesiacigarettes[dot]com [16 May 2015|12:44am]
I placed an order with Freddy at indonesiacigarettes[dot]com on April 30, 2015.

1 case Gudang Garam International Tin Canned (500 pcs)

1 carton Nikki Super 12 (120 pcs)

1 carton Djarum Mr. Brown 12 (120 pcs)

He said that the order was too large to send in one package,
the order had to be shipped in two separate parcels.
That's understandable, considering that the GG Int'l Tin Can are sold in can holding 50 pieces each. Ten cans to a case. The case itself is about the same length and width of 3 six-packs of Pepsi lined side-by-side. I received the first part of my order [1 case Gudang Garam International Tin Canned] on May 13, 2015. Using the tracking info, I've learned that the second part [Nikki Super 12 & Djarum Mr. Brown 12] arrived at my local post office this evening. Today's Friday so I guess it'll be at my doorstep on Monday.
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Clove Cigarettes From Indonesia: where to get them in 2015 [15 May 2015|09:04pm]
Greetings, my fellow clove addicts..
I had my first clove cigarette in 1984… Djarum. Hey, anyone remember when both Djarum Special and Djarum Super were package in flat metal tin cans? When put in a bind, caught without any cloves on hand, I’ll get a pack of non menthol cigs ie. Marlboro / Winston. Other than that I’m strictly a kretek smoker since 2002. I have been ordering clove cigarettes (kreteks) via websites based in Indonesia since 2007. It’s a bit ironic how the US ban on clove cigarettes have put me in a position to get my beloved kreteks at lower prices. [direct from Indonesia] The companies I’ve dealt with are www.cheapclovecigarettes.com, www.mykretek.com, www.indonesiacigarettes.com and www.clovecigarettesonline.com. All are currently up and running. I have always received my orders; as advertised, fresh and intact. I might have initially started buying from a particular site, but decided to try out others that carried more variety. I like to keep at least a 3-4 week (avg. shipping time) supply of cloves on hand, because it’s not as if I can buy a pack of Djarum Black or Gudang Garam Surya at the local store.

The website that I have most experience with is www.clovecigarettesonline.com. The site is ran by a fellow named Derwin. This guy Derwin is the man! He’ll take care of you. Prompt email correspondence, tracking numbers provided. Never a problem with quality of goods or payments. Deliveries arrive on time, with the exception of an occasional mix-up at US Customs. Pleasantly surprising, sometimes I get my packages from www.clovecigarettesonline.com like super-fast… Placed an order on Apr 16, 2015, received Apr 23, 2015. The timing on my next order wasn’t bad either: placed order on Apr 23, 2015, received May 3, 2015. With all costs considered, they have best prices around. Suffer no more, go and get your cloves!!
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[05 Mar 2015|07:40am]
Hi i'm john,  i've been selling now for about 3 years.   I have way too many cartons of blacks and browns right now.
These are the  real thing from indonesia.

Djarum Blacks and Supers
I do have a couple of cartons of Supers and i always have blacks.

I sell for $80 a carton (via paypal) + 6 shipping, this includes USPS priority mail with a tracking number.

I have blacks  80  a carton. if you want more than one carton, contact me and i'll give you a discount.

I can do $46 for half a carton.  5 packs

you can email me with any questions tikijohn@gmail.com
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Djarum Cherry and Djarum Vanilla [21 Feb 2015|08:54am]
Hey guys just got some djarum cherry and Vanilla in not the black cigars these are the cigarettes anyway located in the USA selling a pack for 6 usd plus shipping which I would think would be around 1 to 3 usd ask for pics and I will send them 10 cigs to a pack 10 packs to a carton.
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Warning about indonesiacigarettes dot com [17 Feb 2015|08:01pm]

Placed an order 2/6 and got my tracking number without issue, decided to pull it up to check the status of my order and found -

February 9, 2015 , 11:34 am Processed Through Sort Facility JAKARTA MPC, INDONESIA

Stuck in that status for eight days so I emailed Freddy and got this response.

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

I sent a message via the CONTACT US link on the website but in the meantime I can no longer safely recommend Freddy as a clove source.
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Taking a chance and placing an order with Freddy [17 Dec 2014|09:14pm]

Not sure why my last post didn't display but I noted that a previous clove supplier contacted me and noted that he's working for the Indonesian post office and gave the impression that he can bypass the folks stopping shipments from getting out.

I asked for confirmation and got it today so I am gambling $70 on two cartons of 76s - 16 count packs.

Wish me luck!
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inacigar issues [02 Dec 2014|02:22am]

Does anyone have an idea what happened to Cassen? I am just now in a position to start buying blacks again and I tried to use inacigar like I used to but when I go to the .com address it says its down for maintenance to use the alternate .org site. When I try to load the .org site it gives me a server not found error. Did Cassen go out of business or is there another way to do business with him? He always did right by me and I would love to do business with him again but if that's not possible is there another vendor or private party that I could go through? I don't mind a slight Mark up on price (not $15 a pack though) any help here would be greatly appreciated because these clove cigars are starting to tear my throat apart!!! Please help!
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Still around. [26 Nov 2014|06:37pm]

Hey guys!
Just a reminder that I am still around and able to get the original Bali Hai, Splash and even Djarum Black Tea cigarettes for you.

I've gotten several emails asking if I can get other cigarettes that have been banned in the USA, such as Djarum Blacks and even Marlboro Menthols (??) and my answer is: Yes, certainly I could, but it would be cheaper for you to get those elsewhere honestly.

I am selling these by the carton, $70 plus ~$18 shipping for a carton of 10 packs, 12 cigarettes each.
Black Teas come in packs of 10 cigarettes each. 65 plus shipping.

You may message me for more info at my email, dabbtt at gmail dot com. I don't check LiveJournal very often, so I might not see if you message me here!

Also, not sure if anyone would be interested, but you can also get a new flavor called Djarum Black Mint Tea, although I haven't tried those (not a fan of mint clove) so I can't vouch for them (:
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Where to get Djarums in US [05 Nov 2014|03:44am]

I sell the original Djarum Black cigarettes not the new "cigars." I'm located In the US so no customs issues email me if interested. Also have 76s and other major Djarum Brands
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Making your own clove cigarettes [22 Sep 2014|07:20pm]

Hi all!

Want to start by thanking you guys for having turned me onto Cassin a few years ago when Rokozone left us so now that the Indonesian PO has decided to stop exporting one of it's country's number one exports I ended up back here looking for plan B again.

While I haven't found any plan B options yet, I'd like to at least share my plan C - making your own clove cigarettes.

I've been smoking the Djarum 76s since the 90s when they came in the metal tins and have plenty of experience in improvising when Indonesia is being Indonesia, so here are my two plan C's. Plan C #2 is recycling butts - will cover that at the bottom.

The first option is making your own clove cigarettes from scratch. While those of you who are fellow unfiltered 76 fans might find these to be more like diet Clove, they're better then nothing from my perspective.

Ingredients are simple -

powdered clove
cheap pipe tobacco
cheap vodka

First off, find a spice store to score your powdered clove from, either in person or on line - there's a place in my neighborhood were I can get fine ground clove for $25/pound. You can try to buy whole cloves (cheaper) and then try grinding them up in a coffee grinder but the effort was worth the savings for me.

Next is the cheap pipe tobacco - I mean it when I say cheap - you want to get the cheapest unflavored crap you can find at your local drugstore, stuff that's so cheap it's more like cigarette then pipe tobacco. Make sure that it's not the sticky stuff in the foiled pouches - you want clear plastic ziplock tops. The reason you want cheap pipe tobacco instead of cigarette tobacco is because Obama slapped so many taxes on lose cigarette tobacco that it's too expensive to use anymore - about $50 for 16 ounces of cigarette vs half or less for pipe.

Finally there's the vodka - you're not using it for flavoring so just get the wino special at your local liquor store. The vodka is used to dissolve the clove powder and transfer it to the tobacco then quickly evaporate away - if you want to experiment with other alcohols to impart flavor share your results.

Working by volume from a 16 ounce bag of cheap pipe tobacco you're going to take about a quarter of the bag of tobacco and get it into a clean mixing container of some sort (hint, guys - ask your wife what container you're permitted to mix it in as she'll react poorly otherwise). Break it up so that it's lose and fluffy but don't grind it - just kinda decompact it, like you're pulling pork after it's rested.

Take one heaping tablespoon of clove powder and stir it into 6-8 ounces of the vodka till it's dissolved completely (ie/no residue on bottom of container) - shouldn't take more then 30 seconds of light stirring.

Once the vodka clove infusion is ready dump it across the top of the tobacco. It's going to look like there wasn't nearly enough vodka to wet the entire batch of tobacco but just start turning it with the table spoon you measured/stirred with and you'll quickly find that the whole batch of tobacco will become soaked.

Leave it uncovered overnight to infuse somewhere that kids/pets can't get at it and clean the glass and spoon (it wont damage them if you forget but the dried clove is messier and hard to clean then when it's still wet).

Next day borrow a cookie sheet from the wife and ask her for some parchment paper to put on top of it. You can use tin/aluminum foil but the mix will stick to it and then you get little rips and things get messy, plus, the parchment paper is easier to use.

Dump the wet tobacco onto the parchment paper, fluff and decompact it again and then let it start air drying. My central AC unit sucks moisture out of the air so aggressively I'm pretty sure I could make jerky just by hanging the meat in front of the AC intake so it usually takes about 36 hours to air dry in my home. Make sure to fluff the tobacco occasionally to help it dry evenly and avoid becoming clumpy.

You want to avoid the tobacco becoming so dry that it's brittle and crumbly but if it's too wet when you roll it you'll find it near impossible to get a good drag on the cigarette - sorry, but trial and error are the rule at this point.

When you're happy with the moisture levels of the tobacco seal it up in a Tupperware or similar container. I prefer a large, shallow container that I can use as a surface to roll the cigarettes over in order to keep the mess of lose tobacco to a minimum.

As you work your way through the supply you'll find that you'll start to accumulate clove powder that makes the rolling process a bit messy. To cure that take what's left of the tobacco and put it into a sieve used for sieving flour (ask your wife what it is but unless she smokes cloves too, she probably wont let you borrow her's) and then just shake it over a container to catch the excess clove powder to recycle in future batches.

The hardest part is actually learning how to hand roll.

You can experiment with the amount of clove powder you add but only so much sticks to the tobacco and more then one heaping tablespoon seems to be the point of diminishing returns.

Recycling butts

Obviously this is a bit less useful advise until we can start getting imports again, but it's a great alternative when a shipment is delayed.

Being a Djarum 76 unfiltered fan I noted to myself one day that short of using tweezers to smoke every cigarette down to nothing that I was wasting a half inch or so of tobacco with every butt.

I tried packing them into a pipe but no luck so I tried stripping them and rerolling and that was a pay off!

To recycle a butt, first thing you'll need to do is to remove the bit of carbon and ash left from extinguishing it - I found that pinching the end and rolling it between my fingers once or twice was enough to remove the nasty part then rip the paper and dump the tobacco into a container.

Doing this over a small trashcan and in a location where you wont get negative feedback is ideal because stripping a bunch of already smoked cigarettes may be offensive to the noses of nonsmokers.

Before you can roll the tobacco you'll need to break it up - I found a $5 wooden mortar and petal from Walmart works great. Don't grind the tobacco into powder, just give it a few grinds to break it up a bit to be manageable.

Keep the butts in an airtight bag/container so they don't dry out and once you've stripped them, store the lose tobacco to avoid it drying out as well.

Word of warning - these "second generation" clove cigarettes are kinda strong, about 50% more so then virgin cloves, so just as the home made ones above might be too weak for some, these can be too strong, but once again, if you're desperate.
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Life after Djarum? [30 Jun 2014|03:06am]

My last order - which was a large one - is close to gone. It was purchased in May of last year. I am a light to moderate smoker, so I can make them last far longer than most folks - but nothing lasts forever, no?

I don't know if this is just an urban legend, but it's my understanding that Phillip Morris acquired Djarum, and is now producing their product, although still out of Indonesia.

What I am absolutely sure of is that the product I purchased (Djarum Super - I used to love Specials but couldn't find them anymore), is NOT the same as it once was. I don't at all doubt that I received what I "ordered" - the packaging is no different - but I know that what I received in absolutely nothing like the cloves I smoked for close to 20 years.

They taste much the same - the main difference is the smell. Oh god. The REEK. One of the best things about cloves, besides the taste, was that the after effect in a room was more that of incense, NOT the nasty stench of a regular cigarette. These are in no way the same, AT ALL, as what I used to buy. I've continued to smoke them - they still taste worlds better than any regular cigarette - but the full enjoyment is so much less, as I have to completely air out the house after having one.

The question: Is there another brand than anyone can recommend, from personal experience, that compares to what Djarum USED to produce? And if so, where they purchase them? Please feel free to PM if you prefer.
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Can anyone vouch for this Erick guy? [19 Apr 2014|05:09pm]

I don't have money to blow on scammers.
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Kretek for sale shipped direct from Indonesia [19 Apr 2014|02:14am]
Hi all my name is Erick and am living in Semarang Indonesia

For all kretek lovers i can offer many brands of clove cigarettes ( kretek )

I been shipping out kretek too smokers and collectors worldwide for some years already.

How you may ask , simple i ship the kretek out in small package containing 6 packs max, too avoid checks by customs as small packages are rarely checked

I also ship with standard postoffice rates this also avoids checking , as UPS, Fedex etc are checked way more due too the fact customs knows most of thoose parcels contain declarable goods.

I already sending out packages weekly too smokers in europe , australia and the usa

I asking $ 5 per kretek pack , so a parcel of 6 will cost $ 30, including free shipping

Payments can be made by western union or paypal

If you have more questions just send me an email : erickbm22oct at gmail dot com

Greetings Erick
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Hi All, I'm selling some cartons of blacks right now. [02 Apr 2014|12:09pm]
Hope this is appropriate for this forum.  I have some Djarum Blacks and Djarum Mr  Browns.  these are the   real thing from indonesia.  I have a couple of extra cartons,
 I sell for $80 a carton (via paypal) + 6 shipping, this includes USPS priority mail with a tracking number.

I have blacks and  browns now.  80/70 a carton
I also have a half carton of LA ICE.  Make me an offer.

I can do $46 for half a carton.  5 packs

you can email me with any questions tikijohn@gmail.com
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problems with inacigar [25 Feb 2014|08:38am]
Hi everyone, I ordered a carton of blacks for the first time online. I used Cassen at inacigar.com due to the good reviews on here. Well I paid last week, he picked up the money on thursday and said I would soon get a tracking number. I have had no replies to emails or contact since then. I didn't get a tracking number and I think I sent maybe 2 emails requesting one. I just can't get ahold of Cassen. Needless to say I am a little aprehensive about all of this. I paid western union so not like I can cancel payment. Anyone else have problems with Cassen/inacigar recently? I don't know what to do from here.
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Clove sites with direct credit card processing? (not through WU/MG/etc) [28 Sep 2013|11:26am]

Does anyone know of any clove cigarette sites that have direct processing of credit/debit cards? That is, you don't have to go through Western Union, Moneygram, Alertpay or any other similar service?

I hate paying those extra fees they all charge. I know rokokzone used to years ago but I can't find them anymore & I think they stopped direct processing anyway.
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Gudang Garam Professionals... anyone have some packs? [28 Jul 2013|08:40pm]
seems my order has been stuck in customs for 11 days... does anyone have some packs to spare? thx
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